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TGH Fashion offers cash back program through CASHBOX program

To reward your loyalty, we created CASHBOX program - Buy online and receive cash back for every order you made!

At any order made on, and delivered by courier, you’ll receive 7% of the value of ordered products as a GIFT VOUCHER. Voucher must be generated from your client account on TGH Fashion.


What should you do?

Register in your TGH Fashion account. To generate your voucher access MY BALANCE section and then click on REQUEST VOUCHER and follow the instructions (see example below).

CashBox program is valid for all products on

You will get money back including products in discount campaigns.

Any order made on brings a CASHBOX voucher!


When do I receive a CASHBOX voucher?

CASHBOX voucher can be generated from your TGH Fashion customer account only after 20 days from receiving the package.

The value of a voucher will be calculated only after the order will be completed.


How can I use the CASHBOX voucher?

The voucher is available in your TGH Fashion customer account, in the CASHBOX  section. To use, it must first be generated. The voucher is represented as a unique code.

To benefit from it you must make a new order on, with the option delivered by courier. After adding products to cart, enter the voucher code received in the DISCOUNT box below the products, and the reduction will be applied automatically. The reduction represents 7% of the ordered products (not of the shipping value).

CASHBOX voucher can only be used for one order!

You can use only one voucher on a order!

Vouchers may only be used when placing the order! CASHBOX voucher can not be used to reduce the value of the order after it was placed.


CASHBOX Validity voucher

CASHBOX voucher can be used at your next acquisitions on, but not later than 60 days from its generation from your customer account!


Can I make my CASHBOX voucher a gift?

Yes, CASHBOX vouchers are transferable. If you want to surprise your loved ones, then offer them your voucher code to use it in a order on


Instructions for using the CASHBOX voucher




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